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This quote translates to:  A lot of those who call you crazy, dream with having your level of guts….

This is very true. The ones that think that we are larger than life, or the ones that are first to criticize us, only wish they would be so original, or so bold to go after their dreams. It takes a certain kind of personality, a vision, and zest for life to really go after what you want, and not just settle for anything. Not everyone will have the guts to even dream about what they want. They only see life as black or white.

Most people only see what is right in front of them, content to settle for the least common denominator. They settle for the relationship they have, even if their partner is cheating, and they have known about it for years, they settle for the job they have, even if they hate their boss and/or co-workers, and they settle for a life, basically full of disappointment. They don’t realize that they hate their life, until something else happens to them: Until they get fired, or don’t get the promotion they were promised, or until their cheating spouse finally leaves them for a younger person.  Don’t be the last one to find out that your life sucks, and that when it’s all said and done, it’s your fault, for settling for the life you were given, instead of fighting, and planning for the life that you really want. Instead of criticizing others, focus on yourself, your passions, and you can finally stop being a hatter.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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