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Energy Draining Environments

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As human beings, we are sensitive to our environments and designed areas. These areas could be defined as our living quarters, work spaces or places we spend most of our time.

Areas such as our living and work spaces are responsible for creating well-being, wellness, and positive or negative emotions.

Environments which are notable for draining our physical energy forces are described as the following:

  • Polluted areas

Areas which have extensive littering, traffic or chemical pollution

  • Noise Pollution

Industrial areas, machinery, car sounds, roadway noises, loud music, mass transportation

Noise pollution often causes high blood pressure, stress, insomnia, and hearing loss.

  • Air Pollution

Toxic fumes and poor air quality

  • Radioactive Environments

Contaminated lakes, rivers and oceans, soil and water quality.

  • Light Pollution

Glare, light clutter, excessive use of artificial lights.

  • Global Warming

Extremes in temperature and climate

  • Visual Pollution

Billboards, excessive advertising, mismanaged garbage, lack of cleanliness, visible electrical wiring, vandalism, and poorly zoned buildings and property. Lack of parking facilities.

Many times we do not realize our bodies are affected by these environmental obstructions until our bodies exhibit the following symptoms:

  1. The body does not look and feel good
  2. Physical energy level is diminished
  3. Lack of vibrancy and vitality
  4. Feeling tired after 8 hours of sleep
  5. Relationships do not feel nurturing, healthy and satisfying
  6. Inability to be one’s self
  7. Inability to indulge in self-expression (e.g.) talents, gifts, paintings, arts, and crafts)
  8. Tense muscles
  9. Headaches
  10. Stress
  11. Sadness
  12. Confused thinking
  13. Insomnia
  14. Anxiety
  15. Anger
  16. Irritability
  17. Worrying

The elements which drain us are not always apparent or visible. Often they are not situations, events or places. There are certain instances when the people we come in contact with are responsible for contributing to the draining of our energy levels.

For instance here are some of the elements responsible for draining our energy:

  • Living in an undesirable climate
  • Environments lacking prosperity or opportunities
  • Lack of access to nature (ocean, forest)
  • Lack of career fulfillment
  • Intrusive people
  • Drama filled individuals
  • Gossipers
  • Complainers
  • Combative Persons
  • Negative Nellies
  • Clutter
  • Disorganization
  • Toxic People
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Over-achievement

People who are difficult and argumentative tend to extract our positive energy in order to satisfy their need to exhibit negative behavior patterns.

The best way to cope with energy zappers is to set boundaries by not getting too absorbed into their drama or allowing them to be disruptive.

Scientists have discovered that all our activities which utilize our five senses create an environment. Therefore it is to our advantage to make sure all the information and environments we are ingesting offers quality, nourishes our souls and thoughts.

It is through our environments we are able to develop good, sound, healthy and positive psychic vibrations.


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  1. Reading your writing, I remember James Redfield Celestine Prophecy’s book about the general behavior of humans to steal energy from others. But indeed, without the awakened awareness and maturity in dealing with modern civilization with the environment and human behavior, our energy is easily absorbed. Thank you for the excellent work that reminds us to be wise.

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