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Controlling Angry Words!

Sometimes cruel and taunting words spoken in haste or anger can have serious consequences.

In an emotional state, we do not realize how much impact our words can have on the psyche of the other person and how harsh words can gradually destroy relationships and suck happiness out of life. It is like taking a knife to cut a rope little by little till it is frayed and ready to snap.

Whether you are having an argument with your spouse, parents, siblings or children, being able to bite the tongue is one of the most difficult things to do. You have to stop yourself from reciprocating during an argument and this demands a lot of will power and maturity.

Parents especially should be very careful of what they say to their children and how. I have seen people use extremely cutting words like “you are useless/worthless” or ” you are nothing and doomed to failure” and I think these words have a very bad effect on parent-child relationship.

If both sides get equally impassioned, then it is like oil being poured on fire. It will only get flames higher and higher.

When relationships are at stake, it is essential to choose the time, place and words appropriately. If one partner remains as calm as he can, then the other person also loses steam.

When angry, take deep breaths and take a few minutes to collect your thoughts before you say anything. It is best to drink some water or splash some over your face so that you cool down.

Listening to music, doing yoga, meditation, going for a walk or immersing yourself in some chore also helps to take the edge off the anger.

So save yourself from a lifetime of regret. Learn to curb your anger and keep your tongue under even greater control.


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  1. As a fan of Wordgirl (Laugh out loud if you must) words can be useful and hurtful. I remember a saying by the football coach Vince Lombardi who once said something like “I am praying for more patience and understanding of other people.”

  2. Excellent advice. This is very pertinent to me, as I had a big row with my mother on the phone this evening. Unfortunately we don’t get on very well as she is often highly critical of me, and makes me feel bad, which leads to angry words! I suggested to her on the phone this eve that we might get on better if she could just think through what she is saying to me before she says it, and she hung up on me! It really gets me down, so I see and speak to her less and less now, sadly.

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