My childhood (when I am lonely ) part 1

Children lifestyle in the past and nowadays are very different.  I am born in 1980s so I am old enough!

I think children in the past, (may be before 1990s) are much navie as we children cannot have much ways to connect with the events or news happened in the whole world,  or some general information from the internet because there is no computer and internet web at all in my childhood.

So when I was a child,  my first electronic game I had paid is donkey Kong which is a one single game based hand held game without any color.  But this game I can play for more than a month without getting bored!

Another thing I would  always do myself was drawing and painting with poster colors. (Usually painting with my little drawing booklet which are mostly cute animals and houses, cars etc, much fun). At that time, some postal colors are in the form like cosmetic kits which is so attractive to children like me.

How about you ?


What do you think?

Written by Chunchun


  1. I never had electronic games. Puzzles, board games, dolls, and sometimes toys that required batteries were used for playtime. Then of course there were quality TV programs for kids to watch.

  2. Each generation has it’s firsts. The millennials were the first to have some electronic devices. I made sure we got the first home computer that came out. My kids born (1987 and 1983) used to play games on it, before they could even type. I wonder what the next will be..

  3. Every era does have a uniqueness upon the difference each. We are grateful that we have fond memories of our childhood, whether proud or that make us blush. Unfortunately, not all children have a chance like us. Ahhh… if only we could please all the children in the world…