Bliss in Solitude

Solitude can be boring or it can be blissful. It’s how you look at it. My spiritual master says that if you can’t enjoy your own company then imagine how boring you can be for others.

I have loved solitude always. Being a single child, I was used to spending time alone at home. Though my mother was a stay-at-home mom but still I got ample time to spend alone and I always enjoyed that. I grew up in the company of my books which I thoroughly love. Reading in solitude is my favorite activity. Though I am friendly with everyone but I have very few close friends.

Ever since I joined Art of Living and started practicing meditation, I understood the true meaning of solitude. I love the meditation time in solitude. I enjoy solitary walks in nature. The time spent in silence during the advanced meditation programs is blissful and it’s when I realize what a blessing silence & solitude is.

Everyone doesn’t enjoy solitude but solitude is necessary for contemplation and reflection. This is the time when you can reflect on your day and contemplate the required actions. This is the time when you can reflect on the true purpose of life.


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Written by swalia

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