Today I have learned more about the word bias than I ever imagined. I always thought of bias was something of a negative term, and now I am not certain that is correct at all.

Stereotypes exist because of our history and experience. Many immediate stereotypes might not be accurate, and yet decisions are often made in a matter of seconds based on a stereotype.

You see a man with a rifle (long gun). An immediate stereotype comes to my mind. The man is a hunter. I quickly begin looking for whatever animal is in season or might be threatening. People in who live in the city probably have a different bias. Bias means your brain is working properly, noticing patterns, and making generalizations. It is what people used to call common sense.

Common sense is different depending on where you live and what your understanding of a situation might be. If I see a cow in the road, I am quick to look for a broken fence and a way to get the cow in and fix the fence. That comes from where I live and my experiences. Others might not have had those experiences.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter