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Endless peace and fullness

How does a person make decisions? What is his world from which he has questions and answers? Decisions after deciding what is right and what is not? Why do some form themselves as a regular English-style hedge, others allow curious branches to roam wherever they desire, and a third carefully cut only the dried stems so that the buds ripen only on the new branches?

Books have been read, people have been met, experiences have been gained – everything affects us and creates our personal worlds, which bulge in our minds and create some image visible and perceptible only to ourselves, through which we look at others and look for connecting links.

It does not matter that there are many laws matured in different natural conditions and cultural traditions, on the basis of which we would travel the path of our lives for a long time and happily, but denying those laws, we become disappointed, injured, tormented, blown up.

And we choose as teachers those who respond to the vibrations of our rebellious mind, who caress our beliefs – “yes, he’s right, I said so too, I thought so too, yes, what a great teacher, I will follow him”…

A happy man is one who experiences what is endless peace and fullness. In the straight direction, everything ever ends and everything ever stops rejoicing – whatever you have, no matter how much you achieve. And only when we turn the ship in another, winding direction can we try to find a common element that connects everyone.

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