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Avoiding mediocrity – 6/27/17

1. Do not become overwhelmed by all of the problems happening throughout the world. You did not make the earth. Therefore, you do not have the capability to solve all of the problems in the world today. However, you do have the ability to help others that are around you. Start small or you will not start at all.

2. Mold yourself into who you want to be in life. You must formulate within your mind what you want to do so that you will receive enlightenment, fulfillment, and inspiration.

3. Demand to be inspired. Place a demand upon yourself to be inspired every day by extraordinary experiences. Stay on top of current events.

4. Focus on what you are doing. When you begin to focus upon your goals, then the final result will be separation from mediocrity.

5. Manage your time. You have 24 hours. Use them wisely. Do not use fatigue as an excuse. After work, use your free time to develop strategies that will cause progression within your life.

6. Choose to move upward. Never desire to remain neutral.

7. Understand the difference between separation and isolation. Isolation is proof of mediocrity. A person isolates oneself due to being uncomfortable in social settings. Separation is different. Discernment gives a person the ability to know what to be around and what to separate from in order to excel.


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