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A New Beginning (Intro & Part 1): Peace

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After not being allowed to post on Virily for three weeks, the extra time has refreshed the blogger within me.  When I post now, it feels like a new beginning.  This idea of a new beginning gave me the idea to start a new series called “A New Beginning.”

The world is filled with so much conflict.  Different types of warfare is occurring all over the planet.  Conflicts are happening between different ethnic groups and between different political affiliations.  

To experience a new beginning, one must do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  The opposite of conflict is peace.  When one chooses to be considerate of others, then less and less conflict will remain around that person.  We all have conflict in our lives, but conflict is minimized when we choose to operate in peace.  Do the opposite of what everyone else does.  Give peace a chance.


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