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A City Where People Live With No Money, Politics, And No Religion

The name of this incredible city is Auroville, and this Utopian town allows people from all over the world to reside in peace and harmony forever. The is no place for destruction and separateness here.

Auroville or „The city of dawn“

Auroville is founded in 1968, with its inhabitants from more than 50 nations and different cultures.

Vision for the city.

We are always focusing on the characteristics that are separating us, whether they are about the politics, nations, wars, or spiritual,  and make limits as a result. But in this amazing city, the walls between people are falling apart, because there is no any system that can control you or something… There are three crucial things that are changing the world, and this three things are not allowed  here: religion , money and politics. So people can live in peace and harmony without caring about the money and that kind of stuff.

Instead of system that can control you, a self-formed committees are running the city, and instead of money, here they use an “Aurocard”. There is no rule that is enforced, and so there is no police and system that is controlling your life-actions. Instead of that, the town exist in trust between the people that are living there.

House in Auroville

The first idea about this Utopian town was born by the spiritual leader Mirra Alfassa. She made the first plan for the town in 1960, dividing the city into:

  • industrial (organic farms) zone;
  • cultural (shops and businesses) zone,
  •  residential zone,
  •  international (areas for visitors) zone.


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