Hurricane Irma and Petroleum Prices

Petrol and Diesel prices are going up in India ever since some of the refineries shutdown due to hurricane Irma. Our government is caught unaware and the government machinery is facing lots of problems and finding ways to calm down the agitating public. Let’s see how does they work out and find a solution.

The rising prices of petrol and diesel have been a problem and the prices reached three-year highs in last couple of days. The Indian Oil Minister tried to play down the situation as he repeatedly explained that rise of petroleum products was a direct result of shutdown in US refineries and not limited to India but was a global scenario.

I am not sure if that is the situation in different parts of the world since I do not see any price rise in petrol/diesel or gas prices in recent times in present location. I think our government is trying to take advantage of the present situation since they never pass on the price benefit to customer when the price in international market goes down.

What do you think guys are you also facing the same situation in your country or your government trying to make some quick money out of this situation?


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag