5 Simple Things I am Grateful of

5 Simple Things I am Grateful of for today

I wanted to start a new habit. Every morning I will list down at least 5 Simple things that I am Grateful of. My list includes some things that happened the day before.

Today is Monday, and here are the 5 simple things I am grateful of this morning.

  1. Listening to the tweets and chirps of the birds. I live in a city, but I am thankful that every morning, I can still hear different birds tweeting and chirping as they fly by the house. Some would perch on one of trees nearby and sing their morning songs.
  2. Fresh air. As I have mentioned, though I live in a city, but thankful that is not yet highly urbanized that in the morning there are only a handful of vehicles on the road that you can still smell some fresh air.
  3. Good weather. Although it rained last night, the sun is up today and promises a sunny day.
  4. Happy and healthy family. My three year old son had fever yesterday and woke up with diarrhea this morning, but I’m still thankful because despite of this he still manages to laugh and play a bit. Assuring me that what he has now is just minor ailment and nothing serious.
  5. Another of opportunities to earn. Yup everyday is another day of opportunities to earn. In my How Much Do You Want to earn? Ali Shehzad that he earns $50 a day. I think in time, that is achievable. In another site I see people earning a little less a than $10 a day. $50 a day is my goal in the near future. But today, since I hardly earn half  a dollar s day online, I will aim for one dollar two. I know I should aim bigger but I want an achievable goal for now.

How about you, have you thought of the 5 Simple Things to be grateful of?

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  1. I try thank God for specific blessings every evening in bed as I’m falling asleep. Last night I was thanking him for bringing me safely home Wednesday night, for a warm bed to sleep in, a house to live in, enough food to eat, and not having any fainting or heart rhythm problems since I saw the doctor Wednesday and took his advice.

  2. This post is actually really inspiring for me, thank you!
    Here’s what I am grateful for this morning:
    *Having a roof over my head each night, when others don’t
    *Being able to feed myself, my dogs and my family each day, when others cannot
    *I can still breathe and move and think, and that’s enough for me.

    I think not just me, but we all are grateful for these things.

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