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How much do you want to earn?

How much do you want to earn?

How much do you want to earn? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Personally, I did ask myself that several times, but haven’t really given the answer much thought. This is a question that I would ask you to give me your answer, but rather it is a question which is directed as much towards me as much as it is to you? A question which would open up more questions once answered.

How much do you want earn?

Perhaps this question is not quite complete. You…. I don’t want a one time earning. We want a recurring income, right? So the more complete question is “How much do you want to earn each month?”   Is $300.00 a month enough? $500.00? $2,000.00? Think about it. If you already have a fixed monthly salary, include that.

How much should you earn monthly ?

How much should you earn monthly? Or how much should your minimum income be?  To answer this you should ask yourself another question: How much are you spending each month? Consider only your expenses for your basic needs, e.g. Food, utility bills, transportation, etc., This could be easily answered if you are single, but if you have family, you may need to talk out with your spouse.  You could do some rough estimates for now, but if you had been listing down your expenses  then that’s great. If not, you may need to make list of your daily expenses. (More about this on my future posts)  The idea is, you should earn more than your expenses.

How much do you want earn every day?

If you are a freelancer, you may need to earn every day. Even if you have a fixed monthly income and wants additional income, you  may want to ask this question. If you have a daily journal, it would help if you write the question “How much do I want to earn today?

Why ask these questions?

Why ask these questions? Simple. By answering knowing the answers to these questions you are setting your financial goals.  After answering these questions though, they will open up yet another equally important question:

How will I earn that amount?


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