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The Stone Circle Project

It was 2009 when I first conceived this project – to make a relaxing shaded area in my garden for outdoor dining and general family relaxation. Since my garden is positioned on a slope, I decided to save myself a lot of backache by borrowing a mechanical digger to excavate the site.

#1 2009: The project begins

Once excavated, I deposited several inches of fine sand so that I could achieve a totally level surface for laying the pavers. Here you can see me ensuring they are all laid level - quite a job, but very important. 

#2 The Circle Complete

It took me most of two days to lay the full circle, all perfectly level. It was still far from being the shady relaxing area that I envisaged, but sometimes you have to take a long view 🙂

#3 The stone circle today

Fast forward 10 years to 2019.  That thorny rosa rugosa is gone (and good riddance!) and in its place you can see Tetrapanax rex, asltroemeria, and sambucas. In addition, I have moved that stone table centre stage, and now we have at last a shady area for relaxed dining al fresco, board games, and general chillin'. Many fun family memories are rooted in this spot!

#4 Then & Now

Here's the "then & now" combination. It took 10 years, but like I said, sometimes you have to take the long view 😀

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