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The roses of my yard

The family of Roses (Rosaceae) is poor of the most widely spread flowerbeds on our planet. The man has grown and crossed them for years to get as beautiful flowers as possible.

There are famous parks and castles in France and England where roses dominate. Favorite flowers in almost all gardens in the world.

In my yard in a few places I planted red rose roses that beautify the existing fence. See the picture below.

In addition to the path leading to the summer house, which serves to rest in the shade with coffee, they were planted twenty years ago.

A picture with a path and roses to the summer house.

Yesterday I was worth it and I painted the concrete in the summer house with a green acrylic paint so it looks better now. Holiday apartment in the picture.

And now we’ll look at some of the pictures that are next to the track.

I want a pleasant weekend for all members of the Virily website. Greetings from sunny and warm Belgrade on 12.5.2018 when celebrated Vassilius Ostroski, a great church man and a miracle worker.


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