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Rose Rant

In our complex we have these lovely yellow roses lining the sides of the roads. Or we used to have them.


In the eight years that we have been living here, the rose population has been decimated from 100% to around 45%.  This is due to three things:

  • A few of them caught some or other rose bug, withered and died.
  • Some have been wiped out by inconsiderate drivers who reverse into the bushes and flatten them. I could understand if this was mainly the huge moving trucks because the roads are narrow – but it’s usually complex dwellers. Half the time they don’t even bother to try and resurrect them either.
  • But way too many of these gorgeous bushes have been uprooted, damaged and destroyed by the marauding packs of bored kids that rampage around the complex. These children range in age from 3 to 15. Individually they are not horrible children, but when they roam around in gangs they seem to forget about boundaries.  If they are not trashing the bushes themselves, they content themselves with pulling of all the petals, then throw them at each other and leave them lying on the grass.

It breaks my heart to see all the destroyed flowers.

Or perhaps the children don’t have those boundaries instilled in them at home either. I mean if you watch your parental agent annihilate a rose bush and not give two hoots, I guess it’s open season for you too – right?


It’s a sad world when children are not taught to appreciate and respect nature.


What do you think?

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Written by Ginny Stone

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    • Hi Maggie – yes I do indeed live in South Africa. Very shocking and sad too because I don’t think it does them any favours at all. It’s a world problem these days. My husband has just come back from a business trip in Russia and he said there were a couple of vile little whippersnappers at the airport ranting and raving and insisting that their parents bought them stuff at the duty free.

      • Agreed: it is a worldwide problem now, by the looks of it, and it definitely doesn’t do them any favours! Children who are spoilt in that way not only grow up to be narcissistic and obnoxious, which is obviously unpleasant for everyone else, but they aren’t very happy themselves: they can’t cope with life, with rejection and disappointment, with not having everything their own way! Because their parents brought them up to believe that everything revolves round them, when they discover that it doesn’t, it is a rude awakening for them, and they can’t cope!

    • Indeed Woody. And I would have spanked my kids too. Specially if they did it in a communal area. I cannot believe that the parents don’t take them to task. Or that management doesn’t fine the parents. That would probably work – money talks.

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