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Lavender is indispensable at home and in the garden

In my garden, lavender grows. Lavender also has a versatile use. Thanks to its exterior beauty and wonderful smell, it is indispensable in our home.

The main active ingredient of lavender is essential oil. It is known to be used as tea, bath, used in the cosmetics industry and perfumery. In lavender they have healing flowers, leaves and all flowering herbs.

Soap is made at home and I regularly use it

Essential lavender oil

Essential lavender oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant and sedative. It helps wound healing and prevents the formation of scabs by stimulating the immune system and skin cells to accelerate regeneration. It regulates digestion, calms cramps, cleanses the urine, strengthens the heart, regulates blood pressure, helps with heat, migraine, nervous disorders, nervous and psychological congestion, irritability and insomnia.

Essential lavender oil is also used as a component of Β ointment and skin diseases with severe itching, it helps with burns and insect spots. We use it for impure skin, acne, oily skin, small wounds and abrasions.

Tea from lavender

Lavender tea has a more mild effect than essential oils, but nevertheless acts as a mild soothing against agitation, nervous exhaustion and insomnia, and they also help with gastrointestinal disorders of the nervous source. Lavender tea stimulates the flow, regulates digestion, soothes the abdominal cramps, soothes and sleeps.

Bags for the pouring of moths

Lavender flowers will delight your clothes and protect them from the moths. It is not advisable to place the plant in a bowl in the form of a bouquet. Make out the cloths or pads that you put in the closet between the clothes.


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  1. Lavender can also be used as a seasoning when cooking and is great when making pies and pastries. Additionally, it is an active repellent for deer and might repel rabbits, too. Dried and put into a pillow, it promotes good sleep.

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