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Is This A Monster Size Avocado Or Not?

Phew! I have had access to avo’s my entire life, having grown up in sub-tropical Durban where they grow so prolific, that you find them growing at the roadside. There are many varieties to many to mention and I have eaten some fully grown “cocktail avocados,” no larger than my thumb. I have even eaten some avo’s tipping the scale at 500 grams. But, until friends of ours brought us five of these giants, I had no idea they could get this big. This was the daddy of them all, all of 1.3 Kilograms. It tasted amazingly rich and creamy.

Have you seen bigger ones anywhere? Do tell


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    • We did cut it open and had made several dishes, some guacamole, tuna avocado salad, and avo’s on toast. A few months before my wife and I we moved from Durban to 500 kilos away, I started growing the seed, (pith?) and it was about 1.2met. tall when we planted it in a secluded spot of the garden. Maybe, someone will be lucky enough to pick some giant’s like the one the photo, in about 5 year’s time.

  1. Yes, I have an avocado tree in my backyard that I grew myself from the pip of a brought one. Infact I cant grow any more as the tree is too big and I had to get men to cut the lower branches down.

    Since growing that tree, it has produced about 11 avocados in more than 10 years

    The avocado picture you show is the same size as mine. My avocados look like yours. I have to be careful not to allow other avocados grow here as there is no room for them.

    • WOW! Pam you are so lucky to have them. NZ seems ideal for growing them. Where we are now, there is frost in winter, but I started another avo, the same way and planted it 2 years ago. I went right through two winters and is looking great. The fruit may not be as huge as the Durban ones, but, heck, so what? Everyone around here said it wouldn’t last one winter, and it’s growing well. We’ll just see how mother nature once again makes fools of us all.


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