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Garden Project Part One

Gardens, well in a way I believe they give a wealth of life, it is a way to save and care for planet earth. The plants clean the air, they breathe in carbon dioxide during the day and breathe in oxygen at night. It is one of the best things any person with the means can do to help clean the air and give and sustain life. Plants are like lungs of the earth. 

The thumbnail shows my neighbours vegetable in her garden. She is Chinese and docent speak much english but she is a good neighbour and wise in gardening, as is also my Fijian indian neighbour. I am grateful for both of them and there are other wise people in our neighbourhood who are smart in gardening .

You can also have a wealth of colour and beauty and nice food to  eat. Fruit, vegetables, herbs and healing herbs.

Well its summer and it is hot and sticky as it is in New Zealand at this time of the year. My husband has had a shoulder replacement operation and he cant do anything at all. He will be better than he was but there is no way of telling how long it will take to heal fully. 

For years anywhere else overnight is just not possible but I can travel there and back by day. It looks like its going to stay that way for a very long time. 

So the garden with all its weeds is getting a make over and Rick my husband is commentator and I haul heavy bags of potting mix and pull out long grass with long strong roots. I have to be careful of my back and also make sure nothing in the garden harms me.

By the porch one day a certain cat, which is not mine sits there and at 4 O’clock in the afternoon it gets unbearable hot, so that cat looked at me and went and sat under my guava tree instead. It was almost saying, but not saying that I needed plant life for cooling the house by my porch. So here I began,

#1 Monarch Caterpillar

During the summer I do my best to save these monarch caterpillars from being eaten alive by predators such as paper wasps and praying mantis.

I grow Swan plants and milk weed types that monarch butterflies like. 

#2 The beginning of Garden arrangements

Various pots of plant life and on the left a tree I have had for years, a Norfolk pine. I cant let it grow bigger and got it as a small pot, thinking it was a lovely plant but I did not know it was a pine tree. It will give us shade and has been moved from another spot.

#3 Palm and Dill plant and others

That palm was some logs picked up from the roadside some years back that turned into a palm . Plus the Dill plant and the other, some corn planted and a garden to be worked on.

#4 Raspberry plant

This will be my next project, however one survivor from weeds. 

#5 Pots by porch

Some will give fruit, Dwarf apple, Blue berries, raspberries and Chrysanthamum and other types of herbs.

#6 General view.

I am no expert on gardens neither do I manicure anything.

#7 Figs to come

I grew a fig tree from a cutting of a branch from someone's garden. 

I did not pay a cent for it. Figs are good for the health if you enjoy eating them.

#8 Over the fence

For myself and neighbours this spare land is destined to be turned into apartments about 71 of high-rise buildings and as we rent we will have to go elsewhere.

Hence putting plants into pots for the future.

It the way it is. 

#9 Peaches to come

Yes, a pip of a Golden Queen peach turned into a peach tree and has provided us with peaches every summer. 

Fruit trees save you money on food and it is healthy and good for you. I don't use commercial pesticides. 

As you see, its going to take a few weeks before they are ripe. 

#10 Another view over the fence

Here you see where the weeds are and a beautiful Totara tree. 

What do you think?

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