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Best trendy ideas for the backyard garden

The new house, a new plot? If there are no old trees, previously installed paths, hedges – it seems that the environment we have to create as from the blank page. The house, a pile of earth and a lot of desire – landscaping often finds its beginning here. Without experience, it is difficult to come up with an idea of how to start that everything would lay down in the correct order.

Often landscaping is confused with lawn installation. Lawn installation is only one component of landscaping and a cozy home environment. This is not easy, but enough complex processes in which your yard and the whole environment take shape, are formed areas, paths, gardens, flower beds, selecting the desired color range, formed the terrain, planted crops, and more.

First of all, assess the environment. Then start planning. When you have a plan, then you can start first works. Home interior relating to the unique environment you will get a unique result. Planting a balcony or terrace is currently fashionable to keep the interior style – the color gamut, lines, mutually matching accessories. Thus, in the yard, you will feel as comfortable as at home.

A fence or hedge

If you need to distance for a pet or protect yourself from the eyes of strangers, you can build a fence near the hedge. In this case, choose a simple fence, which eventually will hide in the hedges thickets. It is not recommended to plant a hedge to the wooden fence, because then it will be difficult to cut it and to repaint the fence.

Rest area

In a small space, which is framed by plants and outdoor furniture, to rest is more comfortable than in the whole plot-spreading lawn. To install your sweet secret corner is easy: just plant fast-growing climbing plants, tall perennial flowers or ornamental shrubs.

Barbecue area

The massive outdoor fireplace requires a lot of space, but if you have only a small backyard, better install a small fireplace – it will create a more intimate atmosphere, and will cost much cheaper.

Plants landscape

It gives an opportunity to express your own style, even on a small scale – if you have only a couple of square meters. Liven up the landscape by expressive texture plants. Annuals or perennials, such as fescue, royal begonias significantly outperform even flowering plants because their leaves are extremely decorative.

Plants planted in pots can serve as a color accent. Very impressive will look small trees or bushes – the pot accentuates the silhouette of the plant. Planning green areas important to pay attention to the colors. If the grass is green, green bushes and trees are again in the same color – it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

For those who love to grow cacti at home, often outside the funniest is to foster succulents, especially since some of them successfully overwinter there and will not be any hassle with them. After all, these plant maintenance is easy, and harmony with stones looks exceptional.

Lawn furniture

Picnics and comfortable lawn furniture make a small back yard in a pleasant luxury, which previously could only be in a large space. In cute corners place the chairs, small table and children’s play area separate from the rest of the garden. Beautiful arbor furniture not only beautifies the earth but also protects from the sun or summer rain.

Magical Pond

Imagine the reflective beauty of a pond or an artificial waterfall splashes. And maybe a rock garden.

Fashion is constantly changing. Understanding new trends, everyone can find and customize to own environment one or another detail. I suggest that you use only an idea – in any way, do not copy plant combinations. Always remember your edge climatic conditions: not everything that grows in the Mediterranean, thrive in your area. Let’s be creative and copy only the environment! And then you will be fashionable and original.


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