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:) ? ? Happy Happy March! – Spring is Springing! ? ? :)

Happy March, everyone! ? As you can see, I am super happy to see February 2018 OVER; but we’re not even going to waste our time discussing that ? All of these photos came fresh this morning, straight out of our yard on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. As you can see, spring is springing everywhere! ? I’m excited!

Wishing you all much peace and abundance, now and always…

With Love,

Windy Grace <3


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    • Thank you for stopping by, Sheryl πŸ™‚ I was gone for a while for a mainstream work overload; but I’m back now and will have new photos up soon! I hope you’re enjoying your beautiful growing season! <3 πŸ˜€

  1. We still have plenty of snow on the ground, though we’ve had daytime temps of over 40 for the last couple days. We have more snow coming in later next week. Still, some of the early birds are beginning to show up, mostly cedar waxwings and finches. No robins yet, but that is understandable. They wouldn’t be able to get to the ground yet.

      • I’m in Montana rather than Michigan, but the snow has finally ended. All spring it has been cooler and wetter than normal, though. It has only got into the 80’s three or four days, though it should be in the 80’s most of the week, however.

        • Sorry for that. I have another friend in Michigan lol Sounds great! We have very high humidity levels here so the heat plus the humidity makes for some miserable days when it’s in the upper 90’s. They’re great for sitting under a good shade tree, drinking lemonade or ice cold sweet tea; but not good for much else lol I guess it would be best described as rainforest conditions, lots of biting flies of all shapes, colors and sizes…

          • When it gets hot here, we have the opposite problem. After a few weeks above 90, our humidity drops until we have about 12% to 10% humidity. That is exceptionally dangerous. A person can become dehydrated without even knowing that it is happening.


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