Top 5 Tips To Help You Live Big In A Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment can be as comfortable as in a big one, as long as you know how to decorate it well. So, it is important to use every inch of the space available to fit everything that you need and at the same time keep it neat and organized. The floor plan, the furniture choice as well as the color choice are just some of the many things to consider. And the following tips are just some of the best ones to help you live big in a small apartment. 

Define The Space In An Open Floor Plan

When it comes to the layout, small apartments are most often with an open floor plan. This of course requires defining the separate areas and can be achieved in many ways.

  • A buffet can define the space between the kitchen and dining area and will also serve as additional storage space.
  • Room dividers are a must-have too, whether that will be some wood screens, curtains or maybe some bookshelves that will again provide extra storage space.
  • And even area rugs or transition flooring can define the separate areas.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

The furniture choice plays an important part when decorating any space. So, for your small apartment you should opt for multi-functional furniture. This type of furniture is really space-saving and can serve for many purposes. For example, you can get a coffee table that unfolds into a dining table. Or maybe get a sofa to use for day time and then unfold it and use it as a bed for night hours.

Choose Light Color Scheme

Colors also play really important role when decorating a small apartment. You should choose light color scheme, instead of dark ones, because they will definitely make the space look bigger than it actually is. And you can use any other color you like for decorative accessories to create a contrast.

If Possible Add Bigger Windows

Besides colors, natural light can also make the space look bigger than it is. So, it will be great if you can add bigger windows in your apartment. Floor-to-ceiling ones may be the choice and if you happen to be surrounded with a beautiful landscape, you will get the chance to enjoy in the beautiful views every single day.

Don’t Leave The Corner Space Empty!

Yes, when decorating a small apartment it’s essential to use every inch of the space available. So, how about you feel that empty corner space with some corner sofa, corner dining area, or maybe with some corner shelves that will provide extra storage space? You can also choose corner kitchen drawers and thus get the most of your small kitchen.

These tips are definitely some of the best ones to follow when decorating a small apartment. So, let’me know if you have found them useful.


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