Tips for a good sleep – how to place the bed correctly

How to place a bed in the bedroom

The bed should be 7 cm higher than the level of the knees, and 10 cm longer than the height of the highest resident of the bedroom. It is no secret that valuable sleep ensures a great mood. Everyone knows that in order to be healthy, you need to sleep about 8 hours a day. But few people thought that for the quality of our sleep a greater impact has, seemingly unnecessary little things, than the snoring life partner.

The most favorable place for the beds is to place it to the wall. The bed, which headboard is placed to the wall, creates a sense of security and comfort. It is not recommended to place a bed with a headboard to a window or corner.

Also, you should not place a bed’s headboard under a sloping roof – this adversely affects mental health. The bed must be placed so that it can be accessed from both sides. It should not be cluttered access with unnecessary things. In general, it is advisable to avoid overcharging the bedroom as it impedes a qualitative rest. In the sleeping area, you need to have only the essential things, because every detail in the bedroom is accumulating and retains some energy.

By the way, this is also said about old things everyone likes to keep in the bedding boxes. Find another place for them or do not keep it at home at all.

Keep the bed as far away from the door as your bedroom should not be disturbed by noise and everyday affairs. Also, do not attach any lights, paintings and shelves above the bed. When something is above your head, it’s hard to relax.

It is desirable that a person lying in bed should see the door. If the door is behind the head or too close, the sleep will be troubled and not deep enough. By the way, if you want the relationship with the beloved one to be harmonious, do not choose a bed that is divided into two parts. This particular line can lead to disagreements and conflicts.

Remember that the bedroom must always be clean and fresh! Change the bedding at least once a week and do not forget that the mattress needs to occasionally flip over.


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