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Some ideas and tips for a small apartment

Tips for small housing with examples that should help solve the dilemma of saving places, to find useful solutions.

Tip number 1 – multifunctional furniture

It is not necessary to buy already “finished” furniture. Buy a sofa without side supports and custom-made side panels, table and shelves. You will have three functions in one, and there will not be much space. By the way, it looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Tip number 2 – the minimum boundary between the living room and the kitchen

When space is low, separate rooms for kitchen and living room can be no plus, but minus. By combining these two spaces and using the same colors and solutions, you can comfortably and spacely, in a direct and visual sense, have a common living space and kitchen space. The kitchen furniture of the same color, a tables, wall and floor visually combines two spaces and creates a great backdrop. All the shapes of the furniture can be the same.

Tip number 3 – use of high ceilings

If you have a space with high ceilings and you do not like the area of the apartment – be sure to take advantage of this advantage and install an entresol, which, as a rule, is a bedroom. Stairs can be also used – the steps are made up of drawers, and instead of the wall which separates the entresol can be arranged bookshelf.

Tip number 4 – the bed or sofa on the platform

In place of the usual bed, under which often accumulates only dust or unnecessary things, you can design such, under which you will be able to accommodate many of your assets! The only disadvantage is that going to bed should climb a few steps or simply make more effort to sit down, but the emergence of an extra space is definitely worth it. More than that, you can add a mini table.

Tip number 5 – kitchen, living room and bedroom in one

In the extreme case, when there is no other way out, the bedroom can be planned in the same space, separating it from the common space, but leaving the opportunity to see this room.

Tip number 6 – use the space under the stairs

Well, if you already have a staircase, then it’s likely that housing is not so small, but this is not always the rule. The climbing space can be used not only for drawers or cabinets, but even for the integration of kitchen equipment!


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