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Tips for the bedroom lighting and luminaires

The precise location of beds, tables and cabinets is provided at the design stage of the bedroom. The lighting is projected accordingly to the design, its intensity is calculated. During the installation phase, wires are being conducted and the sockets for lights and switches are prepared. Lamps are installed in the finishing stage. Therefore, the lighting design is one of the first steps in installing a modern bedroom.

Bedroom lighting design principles

The bedroom’s lighting should be light and soft. Brightness and light concentration in the bedroom are not desirable.

Split up light can be obtained in several ways. The simplest way to split the bedroom light is by using lampshade and various covers. There is also a widespread diffusion of light using a matt glass. Quite a lot of solutions of reflecting light are used when the light is split up by directing it to a wall or ceiling.

You can experiment with a hidden light. The main lighting of the bedroom is created by the lamp strips hidden in the cornices. The light is directed to the ceiling, and from there the whole bedroom overflows with soft light.

Local bedroom lighting solutions

Local illumination allows you to focus light into one area where more light is needed. This amount of light is needed, for example, when reading a book. These may include desk lamps, wall lamps, and torches. The local light source should be about 1.3 meters above the floor. The main lighting switches also regulate the local light – entering the room you can turn off the light while lying in bed.

Lighting of a big bedroom

A large bedroom needs several main lighting fixture lights. Typically, the luminaire is arranged in several ways:
  • The part of the room with the bed is illuminated with a ceiling light or multiple spot lights.
  • The additional lighting is installed symmetrically to the ceiling light on the perimeter, on both sides, at the opposite end of the room.

Bedroom lights mistakes

One of the most common mistakes people are doing when choosing lighting is choosing by aesthetic rather than ergonomic criteria. Of course, the design of lamps is very important, but this does not ensure proper lighting. Bedroom luminaire must match both design and functionality.
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