Stunning Ideas for Wine Cellar Arrangement in Your Home

In order to enjoy wine’s true taste and aroma, we need correctly deal with it. What does not like wine? -The daylight (ultraviolet rays), vibration and shaking, too high or too low temperature; alien scents,  dry rooms. How to help the wine stay as long as possible?  Create the necessary micro climate in the wine room – cellar or purchase a wine cabinet for storage.

Hold the wine bottles on their bottles side so that the wine is moisturizing the stopper from the inside. Do not move bottles unnecessarily, as the dust on the bottle is a hallmark of a mastery. Make sure that there is no micro-vibrations on the spot where the wine rest, which a man does not feel.

It is best to install separate room for the wine to storage. The best space for this is your cellar. Under the current area, select the equipment that will create the required micro climate in the room. Please note that using a domestic air conditioner is not advisable. Air conditioners should be tailor made specifically for wine storage facilities. Design and build or buy shelves that can change height or be designed specifically for wine bottles. Remember that the wine is kept in a horizontal position. There are some examples how can be arranged your wine cellar.


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Written by Fortune