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Ideas for the interior design of the living room in 2017

Fashion affect our life, all its areas. Modern trends dictate us when we are choosing the clothes and shoes, what are our gastronomic preferences and even cultural life. There are fashions for theatrical performances and music, for the choice of a car and even for the pets. No wonder that a design of our own home, playing a very important role in our lives is also changing time from time. Stylistic directions’ fashion and features of the premises layout is depending on many factors – the appearance of new and new finishing materials, the progress of home furnishing and appliances, the changes in the architectural features, even economic and demographic situation in the particular country and the world play a role in new fashion.

While the clothes fashion is changing every season, the fashion of the interior design is a more constant value. We all perfectly understand, both the customers and designers, that our home design is created not just for one year.

A dwelling is not only an expensive real estate object but also a place for our relaxation, where we regain our strength, get a charge of an energy and vivacity for the new day, so every owner of a dwelling seriously think what the interior design to choose.

The main trends of 2017 for the living room interior design

There are some main features of the newest trend:

  • The priority is given to bright and spacious having big windows. Designers recommend to combine spaces and create a multifunctional studio in small-sized dwellings.
  • The furniture, the selection of finishing materials and decoration is simple and laconic.
  • Do not overburden the space with solid furniture and abundance of decoration – every interior item must have its purpose and function.
  • Specialist strongly recommends using only safe and environmentally friendly materials. The raw material is used for decorating accessories, finishing, and furniture without harming the health of people and the environment.
  • The natural colors are also welcome in the choice of colors. The natural and calm colors shades will be great for creating the background. The deeper, more vivid colors are used as an accent, and only with moderation.
  • The newest trend implies some mixing of motives of various stylistic directions. Different styles allow diversify the interior and at the same time creates a design reflecting the nature of the homeowners, their rhythm, preferences of their taste, a rhythm and way of life.
  • But the main trend of the modern style of 2017, can safely be called the creation of the most comfortable, but at the same time practical and democratic home design projects with a price affordable to the majority of the population.

Newest trend of the materials for the living room
  • The use of glass.
  • Interior doors (swinging or sliding) made of glass.

There are three main pillars in a creation of a design to lean on – light, color, and form. Upholstered furniture for the living room of 2017 has simple geometric shape, is attractive externally and pleasant to touch. The upholstered furniture is not screaming – it has a strict geometric shape and neutral colors.

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