Living room decor tips: practical contemporary design

he living room is the heart of our home, this is the room where the whole family rest after a day of work. Obviously, any homeowner wants to arrange such an important, functional space not only practical and rational but also outwardly appealing, original and even creative. The contemporary stylistics of interior design allows you to realize all these goals within a single room. You can get a practical and attractive interior by mixing elements borrowed from different styles, combined with a single general concept of contemporary stylistics – practicality, and comfort above all else.

The contemporary stylistics of interior design is incredibly democratic, it is suitable for rooms of any size and shape, for premises that combine several functional zones. The blend of modern technologies and the possibilities of finishing materials with the traditions of family rooms allow you to get space that will be ready for any needs of your family members and guests invited to a party or dinner.

Contemporary style is an original mix of styles such as minimalism, modern, high tech, pop art, and retro. Only at first glance, it may looks that to mix such a different styles is a designer mistake. But the basis of any layout of the premises is moderation and harmony. If you use two or three styles within a single room, integrating into the interior only the basic ideas of each direction, you can get practical, comfortable in terms of operation, cozy and at the same time the aesthetic design of the living room.–zoA1Be167#.WgB4fY-0PDc

Democracy, the severity of lines and shapes, the simplicity of furnishings and practicality – all these motives in a contemporary style are from minimalism. It is not necessary to completely refuse the decor of your family room but also do not fall into excessive decoration. Spacious room with a minimal set of furniture, simple and clear shapes and lines, laconic combinations of colors. Bright and free premises, not devoid of comfort and coziness – that’s what got the contemporary style decor of the living room from the minimalism.

A few rural motifs so abundant in country style can be integrated into the contemporary interior. For example, ceiling beams made of roughly chipped wood or a small table-stand deliberately careless processed can become the original objects of contemporary interior. Similar ideas will be relevant not only for living rooms located in country houses but also for the rooms of city apartments with a large area.

There are stylistics and motifs of traditional style in contemporary interior decoration. What could be more classical than a living room with a fireplace? But if earlier the hearth was lined with natural stone or brick, decorated with stucco and marble tile, then in contemporary living room fireplace is lined with artificial material and, as a rule, goes in pairs with a TV over it. Such arrangement saves space and also helps to separate different zones of the space.—praktichnyj-i-originalnyj-dizajn/


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