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Some living room sofa ideas

How to lay down furniture is constantly issue if you want to make the room look proportional and beautiful. Often it turns out that what we imagined in our home does not seem to look the way we expected to. 

Create a functional communicating space. Seating furniture is best suited for U shaping because L-shaped space is not so functional. U-shaped example is a sofa and two armchairs or chairs. This layout allows all people who are communicating to see and hear each other.

Highlight the main accent of the room. In all living rooms, there is at least one object to which the eyes are attracted first of all. If you have a fireplace, it will easily perform the function of the main accent. If not, the main accent of the room can be the French door or window, which offers a wonderful view. Arrange the furniture so that they further emphasize the beauty of the main accent.

Choose an even number. Your room will have great proportionate if you choose a pair for each furniture. The tables on both sides of the sofa or armchairs will complement each other if they have similar sizes and colors. Two inappropriate chairs can be trimmed with the same cloth, but they should be of similar height and size.


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