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Sunday, July 2, 1017

I don’t sit much on the patio or porch. If I want to go outside, then I actually go out somewhere. So, the makeover that I will add is actually of furniture in my living room. It is still a part of this living space makeover, but mine is for indoors, while these women display their outdoor living space makeover.

This woman explains and displays her porch makeover. Her colors are turquoise, blue, and white. She got her pillows from Ross, as well as found needed materials from Target. Her style is cute, as well, because she kept it consistent.

This woman’s inspiration came from the pot colors at Home Depot. Then, she bought affordable items in similar colors, such as cute pillows, dishes, napkins, and glasses. Everything is consistent in bright tropical colors.

This outdoor living space video is interesting because it is about being inspired by something expensive, and creating a similar product, but much cheaper. She liked a modern table that costs $300 at Crate and Barrel, but she ended up creating something similar for $35. And, her version is multifunctional. I think this is very creative and interesting, and she made it via Home Depot items.

This woman explains her do-it-yourself project for her black and white modern minimalism style that she bought from affordable stores.

This woman explains her do-it-yourself project as well as where she bought outdoor furniture and items for her patio. She bought a lot of stuff from Lowe’s, and she remained consistent with blues and greens as well as white and beige.

This woman displays her do-it-yourself project. She first created door décor, and she bought cute paper lanterns from Dollar Store. Her style looks very rustic, comprised of old and rusty items she found, bought, or got from someone who didn’t want it anymore. She seems very resourceful. It looks cozy and quaint, and she has birds tweeting in the background some lovely music.

My Latest DIY Projects–Two Couch

My latest DIY project was remodeling my two old wicker couches. I did this makeover in 2016. I have had them since 1986, in which my parents bought them new from a Model Home sale. It included a living room set—two wicker couches, bamboo coffee table, side table, and long foyer table, waste basket, and a short wicker stool. Everything is in good shape, but the couch cushions are getting old and faded from watching them in the washing machine too many times. I have pets, and they make a mess. And, I am sure I also made my own mess on these cushions. So, I ended up buying two cute mattresses from Urban Outfitters. They fit perfectly on the couch length and width. I ended up placing lots of throw pillows from my mother. The pillows also look a little old and I ended up washing them in the washing machine. I kept the two small side pillows that came with the couch. All these pillows are pink, gray, light blue and warm tones. I have two Mexican blankets that I bought from Tijuana, Mexico, back in the 90s, and it is in blue and pink colors. I kept my denim couch covers, which I actually had bought a long time ago to protect my couch from pets’ mess. It didn’t really help, but I like the denim color, which makes my couch looks cozy and comfy. There is also a knit blanket thrown over the back end of one couch, while the other couch back has a felt wall rug of the Last Supper.  I also got a 3-piece green wicker set from a neighbor, which includes a chest, magazine rack, and table. The table is next to my desktop. And, my coffee table belonged to my brother, who actually made it but the legs were wobbly. I just pulled out the legs and placed an IKEA birch stand underneath. It now looks steady and modern. I have collected various wicker items and baskets from others which all fit in my cozy cottage-style living room.

This chest, in which I have exercise equipment, also has a matching table and magazine rack, but each is placed at different areas of the living room.

What is your latest DIY home décor makeover?


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