Color therapy in the kitchen: best colors combinations

The main colors that affecting the eyes have a treating effect are red, yellow, blue and green. The studies show that red can accelerate pulse and respiratory rate, as well as increase appetite. The designers offer the red color for the kitchen not coincidentally: red, yellow and orange, promotes and increases appetite, helps to better absorb food.

However, this color emotionally “heats” the atmosphere, in addition, visually adjusts the size of the space, so in a small kitchen does not suit a lot of rich red-orange colors, dark red-yellow shades: the room will look more cramped than it really is. If you only produce the food in the kitchen, but it is not eaten there, the red is more suitable for the dining room, and it is better for the kitchen to choose colder, “fresh” blue and green shades that are associated with naturalness, nature, health.

You can choose a yellow color, sunny, bright and pure, resembling a lemon flavor and freshness. The yellow color, especially blurry (gently yellow), makes people feel happier. Kitchen appliances, in this case, may remain in the usual white. The white color should not be too much so that the kitchen does not become the laboratory and not lose the aura of coziness and hospitality.

For example, a cozy combination of two close pastel colors can be selected for the kitchen color scheme: the pale green and not bright yellow, and light gray tones will serve them as a great background. When a bright yellow is used as an accent, this color is especially attractive and enliven the entire kitchen.

The white color, as it creates the impression of cleanliness, remains one of the most popular. It is the festive and strict color, and designers especially like it. White is suitable everywhere and in any style, it is easy to match with accessories. A slight shade and white color’s mood can change dramatically.

The color of the cream, the close relative of the white, brings more warmth and coziness, it creates a special sensation. One of the minuses – a completely white kitchen may look too sterile and cold, so usually white is used in combination with other colors.

Today, the gray has become a real favorite: the opportunity to get its various shades so interested designers that gray has become the most commonly used color for kitchens. The astonishing variety of its shades: light gray, steel gray, warm coffee, gray-blue, graphite, sandstone … Gray gives you the opportunity to choose a beautiful universal, not boring color that will not be dominating in the room and will look luxurious and, at the same time, simple.

When choosing colors for the kitchen, follow some basic tips: neutral colors (pink, yellowish-brown, black, white, creamy and grey shades) can be combined with any color. Since kitchen furniture requires the most cost for the kitchen rebuild, it is best to choose a neutral style that is suitable for any other design elements (ceiling, floor).

Light, emphasizing colors, also plays an important role as they are highlighted or softened. No matter what colors you choose, interior design rules emphasize the importance of keeping one color as the main one and the other as an accent.

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  1. I loved the photos you have on here & the ideas too you made on just what goes
    & what don’t go that makes a BIG view of just what makes a great kitchen to work in
    I don’t like when I walk in a kitchen it’s too dark or too light or too bright but one that
    has just the right colors that invites you to enjoy the area more, you get what I mean?

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