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5 Crucial Tips For Sofa Styling That Will Improve It’s Look

The centerpiece in every living room is the sofa. With a little effort, you can make it look not so boring and blank. Adding pillows can improve the whole look. Styling a sofa with pillows is a little challenging thing to do. It’s not only about throwing a few random ones. You will need to keep in mind a few basic rules. Today, I have some helpful tips on how to make your sofa more comfortable and stylish in the same time. Check out these cool tips on sofa styling that will improve it’s look!


This is the most common sofa styling. And you need to create it properly. Start with placing large pillows on the both corners. Then, layer smaller ones in front. You can do one to three layers, depending on the size of the sofa. Add one pillow in between the last layer for the finishing touch. It should be eye-catching with it’s shape or pattern.

Asymmetry Is Not Wrong

If you want to make a different arrangement, try asymmetry. But, keep in mind that it should be balanced. Try to balance by color, or repetitive pattern.

Play With Patterns

As you have probably seen, pillow arrangements can contain different patterns. You can combine both floral and striped ones, as long as these ones fit in the whole idea. If you decide to mix patterns, go for specific color tones, as you don’t want to clutter the sofa.

Incorporate Textures

Put some textured pillows that will make your sofa look different. Furry and fluffy ones will look gorgeous.Also, you can go for rough burlap texture to achieve that coastal look. Combine ordinary pillows with textured ones to get the perfect decor.

Unusual Shapes

Instead of keeping them ordinary, go for a slight change. Add something extraordinary that will keep the attention. Pillows in interesting, and somehow weird shapes will do the trick. But, keep them minimal. Besides the ordinary pillows, add one or two unusual ones that will be the stars of the show!


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