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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Interior Bright And Airy

If there is a space in your house or apartment that has dark ambiance and you feel it could benefit from “lightening up”, knowing how to do that can be a little bit challenging. However, with some tricks and tips you can transform your interior into the bright and airy retreat you were dreaming of your whole life.

I’ve rounded up some tips from the Internet to help you make the most of your home’s natural light and things you should do if there isn’t enough light in the room.


By painting the walls in your home with a light color you will instantly make the room feel brighter. White is a timeless color, so when you are not sure which color to go for, I need to say that you can’t go wrong with white! A beautiful magnolia shade is also a good option. If you don’t want to go with “everything white”, then you can add a statement wall in some bold shade. Avoid decorating the walls with fussy frames, and instead, stick to frame designs with clean lines. The simpler, the better!

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If you want to make your space feel more airy and bright, but not dark, adding a few pops of colors to a neutral interior can be really effective! For instance, choose furniture or decors in coral, aqua, yellow or some other cheerful colors and add them to your space. Things like accent chairs, pillows, flowers or candles can give a real burst of life, without making your living room, bedroom or any other room dark and messy.


I need also to mention that the curtains are playing a huge role in all bright, light and airy interiors! To make your space more airier, you need to invest in new curtains first. You can go for a sheer curtain design as well as thicker design too and permanently have the ticker design open. There are so many interesting, yet simple and elegant curtains to choose from, so you can pick one for your space easily.


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