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Yummy Rice Cake Bars

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Yummy rice cake bars! ? I cut the rice cakes into rectangles, and poured a mixture of melted chocolate, tahini and coconut cream over them. Then I decorated them with nuts, seeds and desiccated coconut. Delicious and easy to make! Check out my chocolate fudge and homemade vegan chocolate recipes on my blog.

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Here’s a delicious and very easy-to-make dessert recipe that’s a little bit healthier than a store-bought wafer bar. I love wafer bars and anything crunchy but I prefer making this recipe at home.

For these yummy rice cake bars you need:

  • Rice cakes
  • Dark chocolate
  • Coconut cream from the top of a refrigerated can of coconut milk, or coconut oil, or nut butter of your choice – they make the chocolate part softer and easier to melt in your mouth
  • Nuts, seeds or desiccated coconut for decoration

Cut the rice cakes in the shape you want; melt the chocolate, add the coconut cream or tahini to the chocolate, and pour the mixture over the rice cakes.

Decorate with nuts, seeds or desiccated coconut.

Let the chocolate cool down and enjoy!

Keep in mind that if you put the bars in the fridge, the rice cake bar won’t be as crunchy.

Also, check out my vegan chocolate recipe here.


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