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What is for Dinner??

Are you curious about what people around the world have for their meal?

Well, I’m sure am! So I’ve started a Challenge for foodies (any everyone else, as long as you eat!). It’s called “What is for…”, you can find out more >>> here

This is the Chicken feet with dumpling noodle.

I know some people may find the chicken feet disgusting, saying its dirty and look hideous. But if cooked well, it can taste very good. In fact, the chicken feet is said to contain a lot of subtance that is good for the joints.

The dumplings aka “Shui Jiao” have minced meat and prawns as filling. They’re not the same as Wanton which only have meat as filling.


What do you think?

Written by alibb


  1. I like the concept of not wasting food. In some parts of Bulgaria where people keep their own animals, they eat all the parts of the animal. I haven’t tried the feet though, I am not a big meat eater in general.

        • Yeah, chicken feet is pretty common in Asian. It’s a dish in Dim Sum too.
          I guess it takes courage to try it, I remember struggling before taking my first bite too

          • The problem is I grew up (US) where there were farms everywhere. The chickens would walk around in the dirt and mud and lay the eggs. We ate the chickens but never their feet. But I should not knock it until I try it I guess.

        • Haha, I’ve locals (Asians) saying that too… the feet are dirty cause they step everywhere with it… and it’s not just mud they step on, they step on their own waste (Euuk)!!!

          Come to think of it, I probably should cut down on it too or believe that the stall cleans their food very thoroughly :p