What is for Breakfast? Jui Guay or Jui Kueh

Jui-Guay or Jui Kueh aka Chinese Steamed Rice with Radish is a Teochew cuisine.

The steamed rice kueh is make by mixing flour and water and then placed in a saucer/small container to steam. It usually plain and bland and without the preserved radish (the brown stuffs on top), its taste can be pretty unappealing. The radish are however, oily and salty.

These Jui Keuh doesn’t cost a lot but are pretty filling.

Are you curious about what people around the world have for their meal?

Well, I’m sure am! So I’ve started a Challenge for foodies (any everyone else, as long as you eat!). It’s called “What is for…”, you can find out more >>> here


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Written by alibb