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What Can I Do With Eggplant?

We visited my father in law this weekend. He had tomatoes, eggplants and okra ready for picking. he was kind enough to give me this bunch and told me to cook them for my kids.

We just had Sinigang (sour soup) last week, eggplant was one of its ingredients. I am trying to avoid fried food so maybe I will not fry them for now. My kids are picky eaters. I am running out of ideas when it comes to cooking healthy food for them.

I am actually leaning towards making them eggplant omelette.

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They like eggs anyway. Are there other ways of cooking a yummy dish out of eggplants? I would really appreciate your suggestions.


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  1. I usually cook eggplant with eggs. I don’t know what to call it. Maybe, sauted eggplant? First, I boil the eggplants until it is soft. Remove the water. Then, saute it in garlic and onion. I make it so that the eggplant is crushed(not sure if it’s the proper word). And add the eggs. Season it with salt and/or pepper. Simple as that.