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The next world famine


Whoever owns the seeds will eventually control the population of the world.  For example, did you know that three companies own half of the seeds produced on planet Earth?  The three companies that own half of the world’s seeds are Bayer (Monsanto), Du Pont, and Syngenta.

They own all of these seeds because they have placed patents on them.  That means that farmers cannot plant those seeds unless they buy those seeds from these companies.  If farmers plant their seeds without permission or without buying the seeds, then these farmers will be sued heavily by these companies for patent infringement.

Bayer bought Monsanto so that they could become a major player in the seed market.  If these companies one day decide to hoard all of these seeds instead of planting them, then this decision could cause a worldwide famine.  This scenario is highly possible since Bayer will be looking to recoup funds due to all of the loss they have accrued since they bought Monsanto.


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  1. Whoa! I knew Bayer knew what they were doing.

    I’m not completely hopeless, agricolture is often bad for the soil (chemicals aside). Food still grows in the forests, permaculture should be promoted, though it takes more effort. We may be able to survive a Monsanto-induced famine if we prepare in time. Meanwhile, we should probably ask governments to stop allowing patents on seeds, then I would just let these disgusting beings hoard their GMO stuff and go give my support to non-profit organizations such as Kokopelli.

    • I do not believe that they have the sense. For example, there is about one mass shooting a week now in the USA. The US government has chosen to do absolutely nothing to prevent these mass shootings from happening. If they haven’t stopped these companies from obtaining half of all the seeds in the world, then they won’t stop them from grabbing all of the seeds. Money blinds judgment.

      • People need to start opting out of these systems that are harming us on a very local community level. The UN has warned about this for some time. Many people who study the “converging crises” we face believe that around 2013 we could have avoided some of the worst effects caused by our mismanagement of resources and damage to our ecosystems; but, we did the wrong things. And, they guess that we are in trouble now – somewhat unavoidable at this point. I am not very hopeful that in crisis we will not do exactly the wrong things. So save seeds, get chickens, make gardens, plant trees, …. Our societies may not change but we can learn to weather shocks through local cooperative solutions. Our humanity and compassion for each other will be very important.

      • It won’t make any difference, people will smuggle the seeds and take no notice of the companies, if some one starves they will plant seeds no matter what companies do.
        That may even spread them further.

        I have plants where all I have to do, is just put some root or branch in the ground and it will grow.

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