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Sharing Your Breakfast With Your Pet

What happens when you don’t want the bowl of dry cereal your mom gave you for breakfast?  My granddaughter decided to share hers with one of their dogs.

She snuck off into the bathroom with the smallest dog in tow.  Once there she sat down and dumped her cereal and watched her dog eat it. 

My daughter insisted she was sharing, but I think she was getting rid of it.  The expression on her face doesn’t really look like she wanted it and her bowl is now missing in action.

What do you think the little one was doing?  Sharing or getting rid of the evidence?

What do you think?

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Written by Karen Gros

I am a freelance writer that has been published in magazines in the United States and Internationally. I am also the author of several stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

I have written blogs in the Sports field for various NFL teams. Other content has been through contracts with various private clients for website content, website editing, product descriptions, travel articles, etc.

I am retired now and look forward to expanding my writing and topics. I love to travel, visit new areas, cities, State Parks, and states. I am a nature lover and enjoy pets. I also love outdoor adventures such as kayaking, camping and walking in the woods.

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