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Romanian Fish Roe Dip-salata de icre

Easy to make and absolutely delicious egg fish salad Romanian Fish Roe Dip salata de icre is part of tasty East European cuisine and is perfect to impress your fish lover friends. You can serve it as spread or dip, is easy to make and inexpensive and has all the ingredients to become a crowd pleaser.


  • 1, ½ tbsp carp fish egg
  • 1 finely chopped onion
  • 200 ml sunflower oil
  • 1 small lemon
  • 5-6 tbsp semolina flour
  • a bit of sparkling mineral water


First, make a small polenta from water and semolina flower. Let it cool down.

In a food processor or in a bowl add the carp fish eggs, add one or two spoons of already cooled down polenta sprinkle some lemon juice over it and start mixing pouring oil little by little.

Keep stirring and pouring oil and when the content becomes too thick lemon juice and few drops of sparkling water. Keep doing it till you have the desired quantity. Taste it from time to time and if your carp fish eggs where stored in salt do not add any more salt. The result should be a thick dip spread.

Now add the chopped onion and mix it in with a spatula. Put the dip in a bowl with a lid on and let it in the fridge for few hours before serving it. It tastes better the 2nd day.

Use fresh ingredients only, salt stored fish eggs are good for 1 year if kept in a dark cool place. Don’t use olive oil since it may turn the salad taste bitter and greenish depending on the brand. Adding too much oil will result in an lighter taste too less in a stronger taste. Store it into the refrigerator covered or your fridge will smell funny .

Fish Roe Dip is quite a common starter in Mediterranean cuisine. You might had taste it as Greek taramasalata, similar to Romanian Fish Roe Dip recipe but a bit different the Greek taramasalata starter that has bread instead of semolina or in some cases  potato, vinegar and tomatoes instead and in some cases feta cheese.

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