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Lovely little white butterfly

As we know butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects. Butterfly looks unbelievable when it flies above a flower garden. When flowers and...

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Thinker gull

I had the opportunity to take this photo with this Gull in my wonderful Alexandru Ioan Cuza Park. I know that Gulls or seagulls are seabirds of the family Laridae in the...

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Trees are energy and power for human soul

Trees are a source of energy on many levels. Physically they help people and the planet by providing oxygen and shade. Trees like all living things...

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Always healthy

I was reading that tomato has powerful medicinal properties. It can lower the risk of cancer, prevents cardiovascular diseases, purifies cigarette smoke carcinogens, full...

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Neptun, Romania/Memories

Here, in Romania, we are very blessed with everything that the human mind can envision. Mountains, breathtaking views, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, secret villages where...

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