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Irresistible Fun Food: Tapas

In plain English terms, one can describe “tapas” are Spanish appetizers.  But that sounds boring, doesn’t it?  The word “tapas” is so cute and so inviting.  If your friends said:  “Hey!  Wanna go get some tapas!”  Admit it.  You’d go for it!

I know that tapas originated in Spain.  I know that you can probably go to any restaurant in Spain and expect to enjoy tapas.  I know lots of people really love tapas.  But that’s about all I knew about them.  One of the fun things I like to do is research food history.


Tapas were the result of a king who was stricken with an illness and because of his sickness, he could NOT consume food in large portions.  It was allegedly King Alfonso 10th, The Wise King of Spain.  Not sure if this is a true story because they say “according to legend”.  It sounds believable!  Lots of foods we enjoy today were recipes created because an emperor or a king or a queen requested it and some poor frightened chef in the kitchen had to think quick or it was … off with his head!  LOL.

When you say TAPAS, I say SPAIN.  But because customs differ greatly depending on what regions of the country you’re in, you would likely have a different experience eating tapas in Barcelona versus Granada. The experience may be different, but no doubt they’re both enjoyable!

Tapas has become such a fun food tradition that people actually go “tapas hopping”.  Yep.  They go around to various different restaurants or regions in Spain, just to eat the tapas.  What?  Nobody is ordering dinner?

In America, we have Taco Tuesday.  But did you know there’s also Tapas Tuesday?  YAASSS!  There is also a World Tapas Day.

Final Note:  Tapas are not just popular in Spain. They originated in Spain, but their popularity spread.  So you can find them at lots of eating establishments all around the world.

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    • I would say tapas = appetizers that resulted because of a person’s need to eat smaller portion sizes. But to me, a small portion translates in my mind as my normal meal, only instead of eating a cup full of peas or rice, I eat half a cup of peas or rice. Instead of 2 pieces of fried chicken, I eat one piece. Do you know what I mean?

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