Irresistible Fun Food: Sliders

When I was in my teens there were lots of fast-food restaurants around.  But there was only one restaurant that I could go to, spend less than a dollar, and feast like a queen!  The name of that restaurant was Royal Castle.  The first restaurant opened in 1938 (about 20 years before I was born).  The last restaurant in this chain is still open for business as of 2019.

Most of the time, as a high school teenager, I was broke!  On a good day, I might have 50 cents in my purse.  But that was okay because … at Royal Castle I could buy a burger for 20 cents.  No, it wasn’t a quarter-pound burger.  It was probably a 2-ounce burger.  Maybe even one ounce.  It was a tasty little burger with chopped onions and sliced dill pickles.  I would usually order 2 burgers.  40 cents plus tax. The 50 cents would cover the bill.

Anyway! It turns out that these “little burgers” (as I used to call them) have a name.  They are called “sliders”.  If I had a dollar I could get 2 burger sliders, a side order of french fries and a mug of birch beer.  Yes!  I would be Queen for about an hour or whatever amount of time it took for me to enjoy the meal.

There are not just “little burger” sliders.  There lots of different types of sliders.  Ham and cheese sliders.  Chicken or turkey sliders.  Hawaiian roll sliders.  Pulled pork sliders.  Breakfast sliders.  Pizza sliders.  Cuban sliders.  Brussel sprout or zucchini sliders.  Vegan sliders.  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

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