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Interesting facts about the food in different countries

Did you know that,when the food is in question, something you are doing on a daily basis could be forbidden or offensive in different countries? If you love traveling a lot, make sure you read about the country’s customs before you visit it.

1. A half-full cup of tea is only a welcome for a guests in Dubai and Kazakhstan 

You normally get served a half-full cup of tea, or even less, when in Dubai and Kazakhstan if you are a guest. The Reason is that the host person don’t want you to think they want you to go. When you serve a person only a half-full cup of tea you actually tell them you like your company and you want them to stay longer as you are enjoying the conversation. The moment you get served a full cup of tea means that now is the time you might consider leaving.

2. A clean teapot is considered as a teapot with no soul in China

In China the people do not wash the teapots with dish gel. They wash it either with water only or with a special sand. The precipitate at the bottom of the teapot is the soul of the tea, therefore they avoid “killing it” with chemicals. 

3. In Italy you are to offend the chef if you ask for an extra cheese

Some people could not imagine finishing their dish of pasta without asking for extra cheese. Even though the Italians love this product, it is better for you if you do not ask for extra cheese. That’s because the chef might think that you do not enjoy your meal, therefore you want to change its flavor. 

4. Do not ask for salt and pepper in Portugal and Egypt

If you ask for salt and pepper in Portugal and Egypt you might hurt someone’s feelings. This tells the chef that he did not do his job very well so you have to finish it on your own. 

5. Do not use forks in Thailand

Even though the fork is one of the cutlery we use every day, in Thailand they see it as a bad manner. If you ever take a fork in your hand you better use it only to put the food closer to the spoon, but that’s all.

6. Do not empty your dish when in China

Normally when you’ve enjoyed your meal you leave the dish clean. That’s how you show how much you liked the food. However, in China the empty food means that the host did not put you enough quantity of food and you are still hungry. So if you want to really show that you did like the food, make sure you leave leftovers in your dish.

7. Drinking tea in Great Britain

Almost everyone knows that there is a custom of taking tea at 5 o’clock pm every single day. However, only a few people know how do the British people actually take their tea. Firstly, and most importantly, they add milk. Secondly, they prefer their tea when cooled. Last, but not least, one does not make noise when removing the milk inside the tea with a spoon. 

8. Be careful with the sticks in Japan

It is not recommendable to leave the sticks vertically. According to the tradition, people tend to place the sticks in such a way only during funerals. If you are to do this in a restaurant you would offend the owner. Another important rule is not to give somebody food with the sticks. At the funerals they use the sticks in order to replace the bones during the process of cremation.


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