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Chips a wonderful snack.

Robin Biznis March 15.2019  Belgrade, Serbia

Now I’ll tell you a short story that I almost read.I know that USA is a big country and that the biggest technological achievements have occurred in that country.But in this story it’s about a very popular food called -Chips.Here’s a legend that says how  it was made.Believed that you do not know many of them, so read the story of the food originated from fried potatoes called chips.On one day in the city of New York,he visits a restaurant Saratoga  and asks for a potato as a side dish.It was in 1853 in a restaurant called Saratoga.,where chief of kitchen was George Krum.The guest who ordered meal was dissatisfied  because the potato was cut into fat slice of potato.The cook accepted the guest’s complaint and now he cut the potatoes to the thinner slices.But the guest was still unhappy.Annoyed cook now make , but this time on the thin leaves and put it in the hot fat on and much added salt.To the surprise of the chef, the guest was delighted and ordered a once again  meal.Soon this meal became a necessarily the menu of the restaurant.It was named Saratoga chips.


When Ms Laura Skader created the chip bag in 1926, which allowed the product to stay fresh and crisp for longer, this snack became even more popular.

Today it is consumed all over the world as a favorite snack.But if the housewife  does not hate you will get it at the your kitchen  saved hot and salty chips.And enjoy.

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Written by Robin Biznis



I am Dragan Čanković aged 65 years. I live in Belgrade, Serbia as a pensioner. On this site, my nickname is as well as on Facebook Robin Biznis.

Here I am trying to make some money through my own.

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Dragan Cankovic


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