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Bread – Soul – Life – The bread in the lifestyle of the Bulgarian

For Bulgarians, bread is sacred, irreplaceable. One saying goes, “As there is bread, everything is there.” In addition to daily nourishment and survival, bread in the everyday life of Bulgarians is also an essential part of the rituals – be it pagan or Christian. Ritual bread depicts the symbolism and meaning of the feast. Bread contains the ideas of birth, dying and resurrection (new birth).

Through bread, all participants in one ritual communicate with one another, share values, one lot, one home and one destiny. Bread embodies the ritual, becoming its main material symbol. Bread making as a ritual can be compared to sacrifice. The semantic analogue of bread in various rites is grain, boiled or not (wheat, corn, etc.).

The ambiguity of bread in the everyday life of the Bulgarians is evident from the fact that it is not only a daily and ritual food, but our people have linked its preparation with the most intimate and pure messages, symbols that must provide life, fertility, abundance. Nowadays, despite the technological progress and the changed lifestyle of the Bulgarian, he does not sit down at his table without bread, cooks and pies for every holiday of his life and traditionally continues to welcome even the highest guests with bread and salt or honey.

The preparation and consumption of bread in the everyday life of the Bulgarians is a characteristic feature of its national identity, preserved and passed on as a heritage throughout the generations.

Information https://bulgarianhistory.org/

The breads are personally prepared by me. Today we celebrate Easter. The oven is currently baked Lamb meat. See you later.

I wish you a successful, smiling and joyful Sunday.

How is bread represented in your national identity?

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