A poem about cheese

“The poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” G K Chesterton

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The challenge is to tell a tale

That makes one long for Wensleydale,

Or maybe pen a line or two

That calls for Brie or Shropshire Blue.

Of course it never should be said

That there’s no place for Leicester, Red.

And could you ever be so silly

Not to try a good Caerphilly?

Was ever soul so lost or deader

That would ignore the claims of Cheddar?

The land of Shakespeare, Blake and Milton

Is famed for Lancashire and Stilton.

Perhaps it’s once more time to foster

A taste for good old Double Gloucester.

It surely would be far from fair

To spurn a piece of Camembert.

Or will you go for something rarer

Like Trappista or Graviera?

Some folk say you can’t do better

Than Mozzarella, Yarg or Feta.

Can I hear you shouting louder

For Emmental, Edam or Gouda?

Or are you only merely thinking

Bishops should be eaten Stinking?

One only hopes that lines like these

Have made you want to eat some cheese.


What do you think?

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  1. I love it! Perhaps the fact I’ve yet to have breakfast adds an extra zest to my reading 🙂 I’m about to embark on some Cretan Graviera (which tastes very like a good Gruyere – are they in fact the same style?). The only cheese I haven’t knowingly tried from your poem is Yarg 🙂

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