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3 Amazing Coffee Facts You Haven’t Heard Before

To all coffee lovers out here, let’s take a look at some amazing coffee facts.

1. How was coffee discovered??

So.. how many of you know this answer?

Whom do you have to thank for the discovery of coffee?

Well.. the answer to this question is “A Goat”!!

Yup.. Coffee was discovered by a Goat, who fed on coffee beans. The strange behavior of the animal which was noticed by the owner, led to discovery of coffee beans.

2. Coffee Improves Long Term Memory Of Bees

It was observed that bees who fed on coffee beans were able to track their path from one flower bed to an another in an effective manner.

So.. it’s not only you. The bees also love their cup of Joe.

3. Coffee Was Once A Reason For Divorce

Strange but true. In the past, in some countries, coffee could be considered a ground to claim divorce. If you did not like the cup of coffee prepared by your spouse, you could opt for divorce. However, this law no longer exists.

So.. how many of you knew these amazing coffee facts??


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