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10 Tips to Make Your Own Healthy Coffee

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

1. Don’t drink coffee after 1 pm.

2. Don’t put sugar into your coffee. Opt for a natural sweetener, such as stevia, agave, or honey

3. Choose an organic brand.

4. Don’t drink more than a cup or two per day, depending on your body weight. For example, 2 cups are coffee is ok for 176 pounds or 80 kg; so, one cup should be sufficient for someone half that weight.

5. Add cinnamon to your coffee.

6. Don’t use low-fat or artificial creamers because they are highly processed. Consider whole milk or cream, or make your own natural creamer.

7. Add some cacao into your coffee to create your own Caffe Mocha.

8. Don’t drink your coffee on an empty stomach

9. Add turmeric to your coffee to make Golden Latte

10. Choose a coffee brand infused with vitamins, such as Vitacup, Vitamin coffee, and other such coffees.


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