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My Summer 2017 Fashion Favorites

This morning, I was thinking about summer fashions, wondering what will be promoted for the summertime. Since summertime weather it is hot, I am expecting lots of light clothes, cute sandals, swimsuits, cover-ups, hats, sunglasses, shorts, and cute sundresses. So, I am predicting that summer fashions will be an extension of May’s spring fashions. I decided to browse on the Elle Magazine website to get ideas. But I will display the trendy items that I own that are perfect for Summer 2017 fashions.

#2 My wicker purse

Sunglasses are always popular for summertime, even if you aren’t interested in fashion. Sometimes, I can’t drive without my sunglasses because of the bright Southern California sun blinding my vision. But since I do like fashion and I prefer to wear cute sunglasses, I always check out the variety of styles at Lenscrafters, seeking cute ones that fit my low nose bridge as well as my small-boned body. Some of the big frames tend to look overpowering on my face or fit loosely.

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#5 Mannequins modeling sunhats, sunglasses, and summer dresses.

Spring Fashions with Smock Detailing. The first thing I noticed is smocked detailing. As I checked out some of the clothes, I noticed that they look like spring fashions with added smock detail to update clothes for summer fashions. There were the same cute halters, sundresses, and off-the-shoulder small blouses, but with a gathering and elastic around the breast area as well as some small ruffles detailing. There was even a cute bikini, as well as one piece bathing suits with such detailing. The spring colors of soft pastels and fun polka dots continue to be popular. There was even a cute off-the-shoulder, short-sleeved peasant top with bold colors of vertical stripes. I loved the halter-style jumpsuit with culottes-like wide pants because it looked so comfortable, especially with cute, strappy flat sandals. White halter dresses are always popular in the spring and summer, but I will probably wear my Benetton white dress. There is also a cute fitted sundress in denim, which looks long, probably mid-calf, but the smock detailing covers the whole torso, which gives the dress that low-waist 20s style for dresses. I like it because I have always liked 20s fashions and denim. Poplin blouses also have that added smock detailing, at the shoulder and chest area, which gives the blouse a romantic appearance, perfect for a bohemian outfit. Some of these off-the-shoulder blouses have short sleeves, while some blouse of long sleeves, but I think they all appear to be inspired by Spanish and Mexican cultures for bohemian fashions, in which I think such fashions have fun, colorful, and flirty items. Most of the clothes on the Elle Magazine site are very expensive, except for the Abercrombie & Fitch off-the-shoulder long sleeve blouse, which is only $35. I also noticed a mini skirt with floral print, ruffles, and smocked detailing on the hip area of the skirt, which looks very bohemian.

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#6 I’m modeling my wide-brimmed sunhat and loomed turquoise halter.

Red appears to be the popular color for summer 2017. Moreover, straw sunhats include wide-brim sun hats, cowboy hats, Panama, fedora, straw visor, raffia hat, Mirasol, beret, Louis hat, and floppy hat. The site listed every style of hat, but they forgot the sombrero. Some of these hats have an added detailing, such as fringe on the ends of the brim, colorful scarf or ribbon around the top of the hat, and little items dangling around the brim. If you already own a simple straw hat, then you can add your own detailing, whether placing a pretty scarf, which matches your outfit, around the top of the hat or maybe looming a yarn bracelet that is long enough to go around the top of the hat.

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#7 My straw tote bag and hat that I bought from Nassua

Besides spring’s small boxy purses with graphic drawings in bold colors, summer purses continue with the straw and wicker theme because I noticed lots of straw, raffia, and wicker purses and tote bags. Some of these purses and tote bags have colorful embellishments and designs. Some look like small versions of a picnic basket.

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